Pilansberg Manufacturing
Pilansberg Manufacturing: Structural Engineering, Designs, Certification
Pilansberg Manufacturing
Established in 2004: One of the largest and top 3 Slab Manufacturers' and Suppliers.
Pilansberg Manufacturing
Pilansberg Manufacturinghas supplied over 1 million square meters of slabs.
Pilansberg Manufacturing
Specialized Services: We design all structural requirements for all slabs in-house.
Pilansberg Manufacturing
Situated in Gauteng We supply to surrounding areas & the rest of SA.


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Concrete Slab Quote

What would be a reputable quote for Concrete Slabs?  

Things to consider when obtaining a quote for concrete Slabs: 

1.   What you need for your concrete slab quote:  

·         Ground floor, 1st floor, elevation plans & engineers drawings/designs.  

2.   Quality of the concrete slab product:

·         Insure that your ribs have the correct wire requirements and strength.

·         Insure that: mesh, crossribs & stiffness materials are included in the quote.

·         Beam steel needs to be included according to the design load of your Rib & Block slab.

·         The depth of the slab is important. The span length against the width, to prevent short and long term defection.

·         Make sure that all of the above is included in the quote and that you obtain.

3.   On Order obtain the following from the concrete slab supplier:

·         A detailed engineers plan from the concrete slab company, for installation purposes.  

4.   Installations of your concrete blocks:  

·         Installation of beam and block slab components, side shuttering, down stand beam shuttering, fixing of beam steel, 2 layers of DPC, soft board or polystyrene, placement of concrete.

·         Please insure that whoever installs your concrete slabs uses a poker. 

Looking for the best quote for Concrete Slabs?

Pilansberg Manufacturing will beat any reputable quote.

E-mail us on: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or phone us on:  +27(65) 909 9090