Pilansberg Manufacturing
Pilansberg Manufacturing: Structural Engineering, Designs, Certification
Pilansberg Manufacturing
Established in 2004: One of the largest and top 3 Slab Manufacturers' and Suppliers.
Pilansberg Manufacturing
Pilansberg Manufacturinghas supplied over 1 million square meters of slabs.
Pilansberg Manufacturing
Specialized Services: We design all structural requirements for all slabs in-house.
Pilansberg Manufacturing
Situated in Gauteng We supply to surrounding areas & the rest of SA.


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SA Concrete Slabs provides specialized service and quality of work when it comes to installing concrete slabs, beams and rib & block slabs.

How we work:
Quality inspections are done at the completion of each project in addition to daily quality controls.

Experienced staff and top notch foremen.
We supply the concrete, pump and place the concrete for you
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+27(65) 909 9090
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